Super shooting for you

I`ve always been more of an action type. I didn`t enjoy playing with dolls, I preferred to go out with my friends. And I liked my friends better than my friends, because I thought guys were more fun. Plus, it was also like, in my street, when I was a kid and growing up, all the boys were there. So, logically, I couldn`t even have a friend. I only had friends in kindergarten. And, of course, as I grew up, I also liked boys` hobbies. And that`s shooting from a slingshot, for example, because I`m sure everyone enjoys it. Later on, I was still firing a pellet gun, which we`d also done a lot of mischief with as kids. Later, when I was approaching my 18th birthday, my friends wanted to give me a really brilliant and original gift. I didn`t know what my friends would come up with. So, I thought I`d be surprised. In the end, I ended up getting a gift certificate.

Do you like the shooting?

It was in an envelope. And when I undid it, I was shocked. But in the pleasant one of shock. Because the voucher was to the shooting range in Prague. I didn`t know this could even happen. I was absolutely thrilled. Because in the shooting range in Prague, it`s really brilliant fun when it comes to shooting. You can test-fire short and long guns, too.

The shooting is very good adrenaline.

It`s going to be so cool because I`ve never had a present like this before. And have you ever tried shooting, too? If not, then also try the shooting range Praha. Because I didn`t even want to leave when I was there. I really enjoyed it a lot and I thought this wasn`t the last time I`d been here. Because I already signed up for next month to learn how to shoot short guns. Because I enjoy shooting a rifle, too. And also, from a submachine gun. It`s fun and so it`s a big adrenaline rush. And you like adrenaline, too? Don`t forget that shooting is really for anyone who likes a lot of fun.